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September 27, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

Meta Connect: Event Recap and Analysis

Meta held their annual Connect conference Wednesday and at the event doubled down on their initiative to democratize specific technology experiences like VR, AR, and AI. They stated their primary goal and driving motivation to innovate is to improve each years technology platforms and offer them at more mainstream price points. ¬†Below is what we…

September 26, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

Virtual Reality Research Study: Key Findings Defining the Market

Key Takeaways: Non-owners are most likely to try VR headsets with friends (52.3%) rather than in stores. Simulation games, YouTube/Netflix, and action games were the top experiences tried. The majority of non-owners (64.5%) had a positive first VR experience. 45.95% expressed potential interest in purchasing a headset. For non-owners, the most appealing VR experiences are…

September 22, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

Microsoft’s Fall Windows and Surface Event Recap and Analysis

On September 21st, 2023 Microsoft held their fall event focusing on new capabilities of Windows around AI and launching new Surface hardware. Below are our thoughts on what was significant and a recap of the main news. What’s Significant Microsoft continues to weave AI into the total experience with Windows and Office, which in our…

September 21, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

Intel’s Ambitions to Lead in Advanced Packaging

– Overview of Intel Packaging Solutions
– Intel Announces Glass Substrates
– Details on Glass Substrates and Intel’s Ambition to Lead
– Why It’s Significant

September 20, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

The Bull Case for Nvidia: The AI Powerhouse

Why Nvidia is the best bet for investors who want to capitalize on the AI revolution Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most disruptive and transformative technologies of the 21st century, with applications ranging from self-driving cars to natural language processing to drug discovery. According to a report by McKinsey, AI could potentially…

September 13, 2023 / Ben Bajarin / Carolina Milanesi

Apple Fall Wonderlust Event Report

Apple held its annual iPhone event on September 13th, 2023, to announce the new iPhone 15 lineup, Apple Watch Series 9, and Apple Watch Ultra 2. This report provides an overview of the key announcements and new products revealed at the event, as well as analyst insights on what was significant from the event. Sustainablity…

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