Product Experience Measurement Reimagined

  • The Delight Scale is a new, holistic approach to product experience measurement
  • Go beyond customer satisfaction and net promoter score for a more comprehensive approach to understanding your product and your customer’s experience
  • Gain meaningful understanding that will help improve product or service, gain deeper loyalty and engagement, and improve your product’s messaging and positioning

“The Delight Scale is a unique and terrific way to understand today‘s product and customer experiences. While basic customer satisfaction and net promoter score have long been the standards, they don’t really help you understand the insights and experiences that make great products and services stand out. This is a more thoughtful and insightful approach, and is long overdue” – John Lilly, Technology Investor and former CEO of Mozilla.

Latest Articles

May 7, 2021 / Tim Bajarin

A New Era for Creative Strategies

Creative Strategies was founded in 1969 by Larry Wells and David Norman. They were both at SRI and saw a need for a dedicated tech market research firm. Together they created what, at that time, was one of the first real tech market research firms in the world that studied the impact of tech on…

April 30, 2021 / Carolina Milanesi

Samsung Is Finally Serious About PCs. Intel and Microsoft Seem Delighted

In the first Galaxy Unpacked event ever dedicated to introducing new laptops, Samsung’s Head of Mobile Communications Business, Dr. TM Roh, presented the Galaxy Book Pro series. The Galaxy Book Pro and the Galaxy Book Pro 360 run on the 11th Intel Core processor and leverage a deep integration between Microsoft 365 apps and Samsung’s…

April 29, 2021 / Ben Bajarin

Surprised by Apple

The only thing that keeps surprising me about Apple is that people keep being surprised by their ability to keep delivering great quarterly revenues. But, of course, I know the point I’m making is more of an industry and investor one since most of Apple’s customers pay no attention to their earnings. I have participated…

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