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October 6, 2023 / Carolina Milanesi

HP Imagine 2023 Recap and Insights

During an analyst and press event held at its HQ’s Customer Experience Center in Palo Alto, HP showcased new hardware and services providing a glimpse of the opportunity the company has to deliver increased ROI as it leans into providing added value from the data captured by the devices customers use. What’s Significant Two devices…

October 4, 2023 / Max Weinbach

Made by Google Announcement Recap and Insights

Today, Made by Google held their fall devices launch. Below is our thoughts on what is significant and the recap of the news. What’s Significant The key takeaway from Made by Google’s 2023 hardware event is the emphasis on improved AI and ML capabilities. Google announced 7 years of security updates for the Pixel 8…

September 27, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

Meta Connect: Event Recap and Analysis

Meta held their annual Connect conference Wednesday and at the event doubled down on their initiative to democratize specific technology experiences like VR, AR, and AI. They stated their primary goal and driving motivation to innovate is to improve each years technology platforms and offer them at more mainstream price points.  Below is what we…

September 26, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

Virtual Reality Research Study: Key Findings Defining the Market

Key Takeaways: Non-owners are most likely to try VR headsets with friends (52.3%) rather than in stores. Simulation games, YouTube/Netflix, and action games were the top experiences tried. The majority of non-owners (64.5%) had a positive first VR experience. 45.95% expressed potential interest in purchasing a headset. For non-owners, the most appealing VR experiences are…

September 22, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

Microsoft’s Fall Windows and Surface Event Recap and Analysis

On September 21st, 2023 Microsoft held their fall event focusing on new capabilities of Windows around AI and launching new Surface hardware. Below are our thoughts on what was significant and a recap of the main news. What’s Significant Microsoft continues to weave AI into the total experience with Windows and Office, which in our…

September 22, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

Amazon Event Announcement Recap and Insights

Amazon held its fall devices event and launched a number of new products that showcased their commitment to the consumer devices category. Below are our thoughts on what stood out and a summary of the main device announcements. What Significant In our view, the main push is the continued investment in FireTV.  We believe Amazon…

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