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January 3, 2022 / Ben Bajarin / Carolina Milanesi

Creative Strategies Welcomes Olivier Blanchard as Principal Analyst

Creative Strategies, Inc is excited to welcome Olivier Blanchard as Principal Analyst covering Automotive, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence. Olivier joins Ben and Carolina in their drive to deliver actionable insights that focus on specific customer needs and circumstances. Over Creative Strategies’ 30-year-life, the tech industry has evolved tremendously with consumer and enterprise blending,…

May 7, 2021 / Tim Bajarin

A New Era for Creative Strategies

Creative Strategies was founded in 1969 by Larry Wells and David Norman. They were both at SRI and saw a need for a dedicated tech market research firm. Together they created what, at that time, was one of the first real tech market research firms in the world that studied the impact of tech on…

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