A New Era for Creative Strategies

May 7, 2021 / Tim Bajarin

Creative Strategies was founded in 1969 by Larry Wells and David Norman. They were both at SRI and saw a need for a dedicated tech market research firm. Together they created what, at that time, was one of the first real tech market research firms in the world that studied the impact of tech on the market.

In 1971, David Norman left to start DataQuest and Larry Wells sold Creative Strategies to Global Econometric Consulting firm, Business International. CS became Business International’s tech arm and provided technology market research and consulting to their clients and the broader market. 

I joined CS in 1981 and became their first PC analyst. In reality, I was one of the first to ever have the title of PC analyst since this was a nascent market and very few other tech market research companies were following PC developments at that time. The exception was IDC and Forrester was founded around the time the IBM PC came to market. 

I had the privilege of tracking the PC market since its inception and was able to help Creative Strategies grow its business. Through various market factors, I was able to acquire Creative Strategies in 1992 and moved it to more of a strategic research and consulting company. That business model allowed us to provide custom research and consulting to most of the major companies in the tech industry and today Creative Strategies is trusted by 80% of the top 10 Fortune 500 tech companies. 

In October of this year, I will celebrate my 40th year at Creative Strategies. I have seen the technology industry market grow and thrive over this period and also change dramatically. 

I believe the time is right for Creative Strategies to have new leadership to guide it to even more success in the future. In 2000, Ben joined us after helping start two startups and gaining valuable experience building a company and its products. Ben will take over as CEO and I could not be prouder of all he has accomplished in the industry thus far and I am excited about what lies ahead for him. Carolina Milanesi, who we were extremely lucky to have joined us five years ago, will become President. I can honestly say our business would not be in the strong position it is today without Carolina’s insights, leadership, and passion. Carolina and Ben make a stellar team! Their complementary skill sets, their ability to build on each other’s ideas to deliver more value, and their drive to always aim higher are a true asset for our customers’ success. They have an incredible vision for the company, and the next era of Creative Strategies, and that vision is previewed with their launch of the Delight Scale.

While I am not quite ready to retire, I will move to Chairman and shift to focus my efforts on areas where my historical perspectives can add value. In an article, I will share soon on Tech.pinions, I will lay out my next big focus over the next five years, and share about a book I will be writing with a good friend about what I consider to be the next major disruptive technology over the next 10-years. 

I am excited about Creative Strategies’ future and feel fortunate to be able to see a business I care so much for continue to live on and thrive.


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Trusted by 80% of the top 10 Fortune 500 technology companies