Creative Strategies Welcomes Olivier Blanchard as Principal Analyst

January 3, 2022 / Ben Bajarin / Carolina Milanesi

Creative Strategies, Inc is excited to welcome Olivier Blanchard as Principal Analyst covering Automotive, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence. Olivier joins Ben and Carolina in their drive to deliver actionable insights that focus on specific customer needs and circumstances.

Over Creative Strategies’ 30-year-life, the tech industry has evolved tremendously with consumer and enterprise blending, large tech companies building multi-disciplined businesses, and technology broadening its impact to verticals such as retail, health, and financial services. Such changes call for a broad understanding of technology, markets, and players as well as technical, business, and marketing knowledge. Tailored advice based on a deep understanding of its customers, a flexible engagement model, and personal relationships is what Creative Strategies prides itself on.

“Since our restructuring last April, Carolina and I have been thinking about investing in a new team member to expand our coverage areas. Finding the right skills, strong ethics, and a good personality match was not easy. We are confident we found the right person in Olivier,” said Ben Bajarin, CEO of Creative Strategies.

A Paris native, Olivier’s extensive experience working in technology and innovation on both sides of the Atlantic has given him a unique perspective on today’s most significant technological opportunities and trends. A trusted source of insights into critical technology sectors like AI, Automotive, and IoT, Olivier also writes about the impact of policy, regulation, and geostrategic forces on the technology sector. He is the author of several books about technology disruption, including his most recent book, “Human/Machine: The Future of our Partnership with Machines.

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Olivier is also an avid cyclist, latte enthusiast, and world traveler.

“2021 was loaded with challenges but also immense growth and change for the tech sector – a trend which will continue well beyond 2022. As we turn the page on 2021 and welcome a whole new year, I am thrilled to be joining Creative Strategies, and look forward to working with Carolina and Ben to help our clients gain a better understanding of what lies ahead” said Olivier Blanchard.

2022 will be another exciting but challenging year in technology and Creative Strategies is ready to guide and support its clients through it all.

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