CES 2022 Key Trends Setting the Stage for 2022 and Beyond

January 7, 2022 / Ben Bajarin

Table of Contents

CES 2022 has come to a close, and while many of us participated virtually, there was still a lot of news to take in. Like past years, there were some main themes that dominated the flow of announcements as all the major tech players set their sights on growing their business by expanding their offerings to new markets and new industries. While there were still many concept ideas launched, most of the main themes focused on solutions looking to solve real problems today instead of concept ideas of tomorrow. 

When analyzing all themes, it is interesting to think back at past CES’ and how those themes have panned out. Most notable was the theme of a few years when smart assistants and smart home/everything dominated the narrative. As we predicted, some of those areas have slowed like smart assistants, and consumers are now starting to assume everything is becoming smart and connected. Essentially the theme of a few years ago has become a baseline feature to compete in the market.  

As we stepped back and examined the major themes a few key ones stood out to our team. The main three are core computing devices, automotive, and semiconductors that sit at the foundation of all digital transformation. 

Our team has compiled a three-part report covering these themes and can be accessed via the below table of contents:

  1. The PC Showcase Aims at Maintaining Momentum – Carolina Milanesi
  2. The Automotive Sector Is The New Battleground for Intel, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm – Olivier Blanchard
  3. Key Semiconductor Trends – Ben Bajarin

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