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Product Experience Measurement Reimagined

With the Delight Scale, we crafted the 10 best questions to capture customer experience. The results are scored, weighted, and aggregated into a product’s Delight Score. This approach has proven to lead to a much more holistic measurement of customer experience, and actionable product insights to truly separate great products from average ones. Delight is the bedrock of every loyal and engaged customer.

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Why Use the Delight Scale?

Whether we look at the consumer market or the enterprise market, we are witnessing a transition from hardware, software, and service as an individual source of value to the total experience that arises from their combination. It is about the overarching experience a user receives that distinguishes a good product and a great product. Understanding how the different parts of the offering or even the different features of one component contribute to the overall experience provides valuable insights.

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Latest Articles From Our Team

September 21, 2021 / Ben Bajarin

iPhone 13 and Apple Silicon

For years now, Apple’s tight integration of its products and Apple Silicon have evolved in lockstep. From my point of view as an analyst, and one that has been doing semiconductor industry analysis for over 20 years, Apple’s silicon strategy has been fascinating to analyze. From a big picture viewpoint, Apple is not a semiconductor…

September 15, 2021 / Carolina Milanesi

Putting Apple’s California Streaming Into Context

As is always the case with high-profile launches, we got to Apple’s California Streaming event with plenty of rumors to consider. Of course, most of what was expected did materialize on stage, but many of the details certainly helped paint a much better picture of Apple’s view of the market and how they plan to…

September 8, 2021 / Ben Bajarin

AirPods and AirPods Pro: Delighting Customers by Exceeding Expectations

In a first for the Delight Scale, we are publishing the scores for two products by the same brand in the same family. Our product research on AirPods and AirPods Pro yielded some consistent insights across Apple hardware products. One of the staple benchmarks of the Delight Scale is the ability to measure product performance…

August 19, 2021 / Ben Bajarin

The Metaverse and Reality

I’m fond of saying that all science fiction is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever we see in science fiction inspires human ingenuity to pursue it. In a way, this is happening with the Metaverse because when you hear “visionaries and futurists” talk about it, it ends up sounding a lot like the Matrix. Without the humans…

I covered the angle of Apple silicon and iPhone 13. Doing some historical benchmark analysis with the A15 yielded some interesting observations.

iPhone 13 and Apple Silicon

Putting Apple’s California Streaming Into Context - analysis by @caro_milanesi

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Trusted by 80% of the top 10 Fortune 500 technology companies