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Product Experience Measurement Reimagined

With the Delight Scale, we crafted the 10 best questions to capture customer experience. The results are scored, weighted, and aggregated into a product’s Delight Score. This approach has proven to lead to a much more holistic measurement of customer experience, and actionable product insights to truly separate great products from average ones. Delight is the bedrock of every loyal and engaged customer.

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Why Use the Delight Scale?

Whether we look at the consumer market or the enterprise market, we are witnessing a transition from hardware, software, and service as an individual source of value to the total experience that arises from their combination. It is about the overarching experience a user receives that distinguishes a good product and a great product. Understanding how the different parts of the offering or even the different features of one component contribute to the overall experience provides valuable insights.

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Latest Articles From Our Team

June 26, 2024 / Ben Bajarin

Apple’s Transistor Budget

Apple’s M-series chips have revolutionized the Mac lineup, bringing a laser focus on performance and efficiency to the company’s laptops (portables), desktops, workstations, and even now cloud silicon. Thanks to the hard work of those dissecting Apple silicon X-ray images and highlighting blocks on the SoC, we can take a closer look at how Apple…

May 19, 2024 / Ben Bajarin and Max Weinbach

REPORT: The NPU – The Newest Chip on the Block

The New Chip on the Block The Neural Processing Unit (NPU) has evolved significantly since the introduction of deep learning models like AlexNet in 2012. NPUs are specialized hardware accelerators designed to efficiently process neural network operations, such as the numerous multiplies and accumulations required for deep learning models. These units offer optimized control and…

April 13, 2024 / Carolina Milanesi

At Google Cloud Next, Google Workspace Unveiled AI-Powered Innovations

During Google Cloud Next, Google announced a new wave of innovations and enhancements to Google Workspace aimed at revolutionizing the way people work and collaborate. The highlight of this update is the introduction of Google Vids, an AI-powered video creation app that brings real-time collaboration to video storytelling. Vids, set to be released to Workspace…

April 2, 2024 / Ben Bajarin

Insights and Takeaways from Nvidia GTC

On the latest episode of the Circuit, Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss their observations and takeaways from Nvidia GTC. Summary Nvidia’s recent keynote highlighted their dominance in the data center and their position as a platform company. They offer a full stack solution and are recognized for their sum of the parts story. While…

March 6, 2024 / Carolina Milanesi

HP’s Work Relationship Index Highlights AI As Game Changer in Reimagining Work

On the first day of HP Amplify Partner Conference, the company released the latest iteration of their Work Relationship Index shedding light on the strained dynamics of work in the current global workforce. The company’s expansive study engaging over 15,600 participants from 12 different countries, uncovers a critical insight: a mere 27% of knowledge workers…

January 30, 2024 / Carolina Milanesi

Exploring Apple Vision Pro: A Personal Journey

After spending a week with the Apple Vision Pro, here are my first impressions of the device. While certain aspects may feel familiar to those accustomed to VR headsets, the blend of exceptional image clarity and superior sound quality elevates the overall experience to a new level of immersion. User Experience After the initial trial…

Bit by Bit with @caro_milanesi and @benbajarin

Apple Unveils Apple Intelligence - Thoughts and Insights

(00:00) Introduction
(01:50) Apple Intelligence's Aim
(05:11) Apple Intelligence creates best personal assistant
(09:31) Apple Intelligence implementation

In the latest Bit-by-Bit @caro_milanesi and @benbajarin break down @Microsoft's strategy with Copilot + PCs.


(00:00) Introduction and Discussion of Copilot Plus PCs
(01:52) The AI Platform Shift and its Implications
(05:29) Modernizing Windows through AI
(09:01) The

Check out the latest episode of Bit-by-Bit with @caro_milanesi and @BenBajarin talking Apple's newest iPads. They discuss Apple's segmentation, how iPad fits into the market, and the significance of M4 going forward.

Chapters 👇
(00:00) Introduction
(01:21) Apple iPad

In this episode of bit-by-bit @caro_milanesi and @benbajarin discuss Meta opening up Horizon OS for third parties. They also touch on how the ecosystem could compete with Apple and why @qualcomm is well positioned in mixed reality.

Chapters to skip to topics: 👇


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Trusted by 80% of the top 10 Fortune 500 technology companies