View From the Street – WWDC 2024 Investor Sentiment: Cautiously Optimistic

June 13, 2024 / Ben Bajarin

In discussions we have had with investors post WWDC, there is a consensus that Apple is well positioned to capitalize on driving new excitement and awareness to Apple’s hardware, software, and services ecosystem. Apple is one of, if not, the best positioned to bring AI to the mainstream in useful and functional ways that will deepen their value and engagement with their customer base.

We think most investors caught wind that Apple is doing the vast majority of Apple Intelligence with their own proprietary trained and fine-tuned models. This is key for Apple to execute Apple Intelligence within its privacy philosophy. Another key point here is what Apple is doing with the secure private cloud where Apple is running some of Apple Intelligence to deploy a hybrid cloud approach where how they create a secure cloud to client environment thus again ensuring customer privacy.



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