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July 27, 2023 / Carolina Milanesi

Samsung’s Unpacked: Redefining the Future – The Responsibility of Shaping a Market

Since Monday, I’ve been in South Korea to meet with Samsung’s executives and attend Samsung Unpacked. What has become the summer appointment with foldable saw the arrival of the 5th generation of the Galaxy Z Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip. These two devices hit the market as competition from brands such as Motorola, made…

July 5, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

Apple Vision Pro Timing Debate

A question I’m hearing coming up more frequently is about the timing of Apple Vision Pro. Before launch, my primary question for Apple launching a head-worn computer was, why now? While I agree with a broad consensus that there is a market for head-worn computers, I perhaps differ slightly with the view on when this…

June 6, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

Apple Vision Pro: Computing Without Borders

For the entire history of software development, developers have been constrained by the device screen size they are creating apps for. This is the paradigm shift in software creation Apple hopes to accomplish with Apple Vision Pro.  Apple intentionally has stayed away from terms like VR or metaverse and is securely positioning Apple Vision Pro…

May 25, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

The Developer Battle and On-Device AI Compute

This is essentially two different but interlinked analyses of the opportunity looming for AI development. On the back of Microsoft BUILD, where Microsoft outlined the fundamental computing platform shift we are witnessing, I wanted to set the broader market context, opportunity, and evolution of computing relative to AI. Imminent Market Opportunity Within the context that…

March 16, 2023 / Ben Bajarin

The Year AI Goes Mainstream

We are witnessing an inflection point for AI. Before the release of ChatGPT, much of the debate was centered on what would cause AI to move beyond the monotony of backend system processes, automation, and other things there were largely invisible to end customers and cause us to have fundamentally different interactions with computer systems…

February 8, 2023 / Carolina Milanesi

OpenAI Fuels Microsoft Bing’s Race Reset in Search

I was in Redmond this week to witness what we might look back on as a turning point in tech. Microsoft’s CEO, Satay Nadella, took the stage to introduce the evolution of Bing and Edge. On the back of the newly renewed partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft took what it referred to as OpenAI’s newest artificial…

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