The Intersection of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

March 3rd, 2017

Creative Strategies was one of the first market research firms in Silicon Valley. Our history has long been rooted in spotting the macro trends and working with clients both tactically and strategically to tie market insights to long-term strategy. We have been helping companies gain deeper insight into a wide range of technology categories for over 30 years.

Today our services encompass quantitative and qualitative research for all the major well-established categories of consumer technology as well as emerging categories. Each quarter we collect over 3500 data points on the global consumer market across 32 major countries to better understand how consumers are interacting with, thinking of and feeling about technology, and most importantly—why. Our primary focus with our research is to reveal the deeper customer insight and uncover what is driving the major trends in consumer technology.

We offer dedicated market intelligence reports and analysis on the encompassing the following categories:

  1. Smartphones
  2. Tablets
  3. PCs
  4. E-Commerce Trends/Mobile Commerce Trends
  5. Quarterly Top Mobile App Usage and Behaviours
  1. Social Networking Apps and Services
  2. Smart TV/Next Generation TV
  3. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
  4. Wearables/SmartWatches
  5. Online Services/Subscription Economy
  6. Smart/Connected Home

For full description of our market intelligence reports with topics covered and key insights provided, download our services outline here.

A core part of our work is also done with custom research studies. Internally, we conduct our own original studies to help shape our perspective and insights with unique data. Clients can also use our primary research capabilities to gain insight into the market which will help shape strategy. Creative Strategies has built proprietary consumer panels to offer clients and our deep understanding of the global consumer market helps not just shape the surveys to gain insight but interpret the data in relevant ways for our clients. We have the capabilities to hyper-target cohorts across a range of demographics to glean deeper insights into the highly nuanced global landscape of consumer technology.

Ben Bajarin

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Ben Bajarin is responsible for Creative Strategies research and analysis focusing on worldwide consumer market for consumer technology. He studies and analyzes trends globally for the markets likePC, smartphone, tablet, digital home, wearables, and Internet of things, among many others.

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