Our desire is to provide the technology industry with fresh insights and grounded perspective. We do this through our industry analysis and market intelligence reports / data presentations. Clients have access to our monthly and quarterly trend and market intelligence reports.

We offer our industry analysis and market intelligence services via monthly subscriptions.

For more in-depth engagements and client inquires we combine our strategy services with our market intelligence data and tailor unique insights, perspective, and strategy for our clients specific needs.

We offer our strategy services as a retainer only program.

We also speak frequently at industry events, trade shows, internal sales conferences, and more. We have presented at events like Comdex, Agenda, CES, TabTimes, and dozens of Fortune 500 internal summits and executive off-sites.

To inquire about our market intelligence subscription, strategy services, or speaking engagements, send us an email – – or fill out our contact form.