Research Study: The VR/AR Market Opportunity

Virtual Reality Market Opportunity

Date of Study: April 28tth, 2016
Countries: US
Panel: Eary Tech, Mainstream, and Late Adopters

With 2016 being hyped as the year of virtual reality, we wanted to see what consumers understand about virtual reality. We leaned heavily on our early adopter panel so we could glean insights from consumers who own or have tried a VR headset. But we also wanted to know how interested the mainstream part of the market was as well with this new technology. We tested what brands were well known, how people defined or understand virtual reality, what their experience was like if they had tried it and we explored the potential of augmented reality as well with our panelists. Overall, we walked away with a holistic look at the market and came away with some conclusions on where to be optimistic and where to be cautious with regard to the virtual reality market.

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This study explores:

  • Interest and Awareness of AR/VR
  • Top brands for VR headsets
  • Top use cases for VR/AR appliations
  • Price points consumers believe they will pay