Research Study: Millenials and Collaboration in School and the Workplace

Millenials and Collaboration in School and the Workplace

Date of Study: March 28th, 2017
N= 1,449
Panel: Millenial demographic 18-24 Years Old

Millenials are a hot topic all around the tech landscape. With this study we explored the behavior of college age students around things like most used applications overall on a daily basis, and most used applications and services for collaborating on projects. We explored their hardware preferences for different types of workloads and we dug into the their communication preferences when they collaborate. We also explored the process in which they collaborate and explored how that differs at different stages of a group project.

Overall our findings paint a clear picture of how this demographic works together and the full suite of tools they use to be productive. We believe this study yields key insights onto the technological expectations the current group of college students will bring with them as they enter the workforce.