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May 9, 2024 / Ben Bajarin

Arm Q4 2024 Earnings: Positives, Negatives, and Investors Questions

Key Takeaways Strong Revenue Growth and Future Confidence Continued Strategic Expansion into Multiple Markets Investment in Advanced Technologies and Ecosystem   What’s Significant Arm Holdings plc reported a significant year-over-year revenue growth of 47%, reaching $928 million in Q4 FYE24, driven by record royalty revenue and strong growth in license revenue. The CEO Rene Haas…

May 3, 2024 / Ben Bajarin

Qualcomm F2Q24: Lots of Positives with Auto and AI Tailwinds

Overall take aways, positives and negatives, along with major questions we still hear from investors in our note below.   Key Takeaways Strong performance in a challenging market Extremely positive growth signs in auto and IOT Increasing strength of the sum of the parts/diversification story with AI on the horizon Qualcomm had a strong quarter,…

May 3, 2024 / Ben Bajarin

Apple’s March 2024 Quarter Results: Positives, Negatives, and Major Questions on the Outlook

In this research note, we look at the positives and negatives from Apple’s March 2024 Q earnings.  We also share what we gather are some of the main questions on investors minds from our recent conversations with the street.   Key Takeaways Services remains a standout revenue point and is a significant contribution to outstanding…

April 28, 2024 / Carolina Milanesi

Microsoft Earnings: Cloud Strength Propels Q3 FY2024 Results

Microsoft’s impressive performance in 3Q24 was fueled by the strength of its cloud offerings and the transformative power of Microsoft Copilot and Copilot stack, which are driving a new era of AI transformation across industries. The company’s ability to drive innovation and deliver quantifiable value to its customers promises continued success in the rapidly evolving…

February 2, 2024 / Ben Bajarin

Apple Earnings: Strong Beat With EPS Upside but China Questions Remain

Apple had a strong beat and curious guide, which we will address. China has been interesting to watch and remains a concerning point. Key Takeaways Solid beat with gross margin strength and EPS Upside Strong quarter for iPhone even with China weak No new iPads launched in 2023 made a tough compare and a down…

February 1, 2024 / Ben Bajarin

Qualcomm Earnings: Strong Story Beyond Handsets

Qualcomm beat exceptions and set strong momentum for the year. Insights below on the quarter highlights. Key Takeaways Solid numbers, largely beating expectations, and highlight on operating margin Smartphone outlook remains positive in a recovery year for the segment, however, only slight growth is likely for 2024 The business diversity story looks to benefit from…

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