Reports and Analysis

Our latest report highlights the key trends in the global mobile chipsets. The report focuses specifically on a few key markets like China, India, and the US.

Includes key insights on LTE, Android One, regional smartphone vendor metrics, outlook on key trends. This report also includes key charts like smartphone price tier forecasts, installed base estimates, long term multi-device forecasts.

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The first phase of mobile is nearly complete. Two billion people are now connected to the internet with a pocket computer. More people use their smartphones to regularly access and interact with the internet, software, and services than PCs. The PC’s growth is flat to declining and likely has found its niche as a business/hyper-productivity tool. The larger world has moved beyond the PC. The first phase of mobile was bringing it to the developed world in countries like the US, Japan/South Korea, UK/Europe, and tier 1-3 China. We are nearing the end of this phase and it is time to look to where the next phase of mobile will take us.

- Low-Cost Hardware
- Google's Android Conundrum
- Localization vs. Globalization
- Business Model Innovation
- The Brains Behind the Next Wave
- Embedded Security
- Consumer Packaged Technology
- Summary: The World is Going Mobile

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In this report we explore the market for smart watches. While the market is young, we share some insights and perspectives on the core areas we think represent the upside for this market. We also share some data on the existing smart watch market from our surveys.

Table of Contents
- The Market Opportunity
- Data on the Current Wrist Watch Market
- From Fashion to Utility
- The Job of the Smart Watch
- Starting off in the Enterprise
- Broader Consumer Appeal
- Data on Current Smart Watch Ownership/Demographics
- Scenarios
- Size of the Market Opportunity
- Conclusion

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This report from the Creative Strategies team gives an updated look at the PC market's meaningful trends and insights. We highlight some specific research and data surrounding global usage trends related to the PC.

Table of Contents:
- The PC is not dead but is also not a growth market.
- The Potentially Flawed Premise 2-1
- Usage Trends and Key Data
- The Danger of the $200 PC
- 2015 Outlook

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We believe the tablet is more than a consumption device. While many tablets will be used this way, our conviction is this device represents the future of personal computing for the masses. In our recent report we highlight many of the global trends around tablets, our forecasts, as well as global and regional use cases.

Topics covered:
- Global Statistics of Internet Penetration
- Infographic "If the World was a Village" - global technology statistics
- From Click to Touch
- The State of the Tablet Market
- Growth in Emerging Markets
- Tablet Usage Trends
- The Touch Generation
- Food for Thought
- Key Takeaways

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