Tablets: The Next Frontier of Personal Computing

April 27th, 2014

We believe the tablet is more than a consumption device. While many tablets will be used this way, our conviction is this device represents the future of personal computing for the masses. In our recent report we highlight many of the global trends around tablets, our forecasts, as well as global and regional use cases.

Topics covered:
– Global Statistics of Internet Penetration
– Infographic “If the World was a Village” – global technology statistics
– From Click to Touch
– The State of the Tablet Market
– Growth in Emerging Markets
– Tablet Usage Trends
– The Touch Generation
– Food for Thought
– Key Takeaways

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Ben Bajarin

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Ben Bajarin is responsible for Creative Strategies research and analysis focusing on worldwide consumer market for consumer technology. He studies and analyzes trends globally for the markets likePC, smartphone, tablet, digital home, wearables, and Internet of things, among many others.

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