The Next Phase of Mobile

December 22nd, 2014

The first phase of mobile is nearly complete. Two billion people are now connected to the internet with a pocket computer. More people use their smartphones to regularly access and interact with the internet, software, and services than PCs. The PC’s growth is flat to declining and likely has found its niche as a business/hyper-productivity tool. The larger world has moved beyond the PC. The first phase of mobile was bringing it to the developed world in countries like the US, Japan/South Korea, UK/Europe, and tier 1-3 China. We are nearing the end of this phase and it is time to look to where the next phase of mobile will take us.

– Low-Cost Hardware
– Google’s Android Conundrum
– Localization vs. Globalization
– Business Model Innovation
– The Brains Behind the Next Wave
– Embedded Security
– Consumer Packaged Technology
– Summary: The World is Going Mobile

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Ben Bajarin

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Ben Bajarin is responsible for Creative Strategies research and analysis focusing on worldwide consumer market for consumer technology. He studies and analyzes trends globally for the markets likePC, smartphone, tablet, digital home, wearables, and Internet of things, among many others.

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