Tim Bajarin

Tim is known as a clear and concise futurist and has been analyzing the technology industry for over 30 years. Read Tim’s Bio

Ben Bajarin

Ben has been focusing on consumer trend research since 2000 and is widely published and quoted. Read Ben’s Bio


At the core the Creative Strategies team has constantly established themselves as “big picture” thinkers and are respected for thought leadership in the core areas where we consult. Because of our extensive knowledge of the industry both past and present we engage with many our clients in exercises that lead to a vision for the future. To keep a pulse and maintain a clear vision of the future we have deeply rooted relationships with investors who seek to invest in the future of the industry, speak with startups regularly, have an eye into the research labs of leading edge institutions and do primary strategic research. We combine our insights and data gathered from this process to continually keep our perspectives fresh, innovative and relevant.


Our team is also deeply strategic. We not only have a proven track record of thinking big to establish a vision for technologies, markets, solutions and companies but also use our Creative and Strategic practices to develop a strategic plan to execute on that vision. Present decisions are based upon history and defined hopes. Our team knows how to look back and find enduring principles and how to look forward and discover the perspectives that will be needed for success.


Creative Strategies has its roots in the technology industry. We have been involved with the earliest personal computer products while maintaining relevance in the industry for over 30 years. We leverage our deeply rooted experience in this industry to continually use insights from the past to establish a vision for the future. By distilling the mistakes and successes of the past 30 years and reaching back to ancient and modern sources of wisdom, CSI enables our clients to avoid captivity to “purposeless products” while affirming the enduring value to your customers. “Obsolete” will be replaced by “ever-renewing.”