Latest Research

By maintaining our internal consumer research panels in some major markets, we can glean deeper insights on the broader consumer market in a frequent and timely fashion. We use our primary research panels, alongside our syndicated research network, to collect over 5,000 unique data points every quarter. This data allows us to have a comprehensive view of the consumer behavior globally with technology products, software, and services.

Below is a list of our latest primary research studies which are available to Creative Strategies clients.

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Millenials and Collaboration in School and the Workplace

Date of Study: March 28th, 2017
N= 1,449
Panel: Millenial demographic 18-24 Years Old

Millenials are a hot topic all around the tech landscape. With this study we explored the behavior of college age students around things like most used applications overall on a daily basis, and most used applications and services for collaborating on projects. We explored their hardware preferences for different types of work loads and we dug into the their communication preferences when they collaborate. We also explored the process in which they collabroate and explored how that differs at different stages of a group project.

Overall our findings paint a clear picture of how this demographic works together and the full suite of tools they use to be productive. We believe this study yields key insights onto the technological expectations the current group of college students will bring with them as they enter the work force.

Consumer Security and Privacy

Date of Study: February 20th, 2017
Panel: US Eary Tech, Mainstream, and Late Adopters

We set out to understand how consumers think about security and privacy. We looked at sentiment and privacy/security habits around specific devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, web usage, social media, and more. We also looked specifically at which main tech companies consumers trust with their security and with their privacy. We included a deep dive on Google, Apple, and Facebook to understand security and privacy sentiment and behavior with consumer usage of products and services from each company.

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Consumer Holiday Consumer Electronics Purchasing Intent & Post Holiday Follow Up Study

Date of Pre-Holiday Buying Study: November 15th, 2016
Panel: US Eary Tech, Mainstream, and Late Adopters

Date of Post Holiday CE Purchased Study: Jan 24th, 2017
Panel: US Eary Tech, Mainstream, and Late Adopters

In November we set out to understand what major tech purchases were on the horizon for US consumers. We covered all major catogories from TV, PC, Smartphone, Tablet, and Wearables to see what consumers intended to buy, where (online vs. offline) and what kinds of retail promotions could further incentivize their purchase. We also explored some of the main reasons they were not interested in buying specific tech products. Lastly, we looked at consumer sentiment around the economy post US election to get a sense of consumer confidence and how that may impact their tech spending over 2017.

We followed the November study up with another study in January to see what purchases consumers followed up with. We also explored things they ended up buying they which were not on their list and what incentivized their purchase. We also explored what products consumers intended to buy and then changed their mind on and what drove their change in intended behavior. Lastly, we explored what tech products consumers purchased, or received as gifts that they found themselves liking more than they initially thought.

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Voice Assistant, Chat Bots, and Artificial Intelligence Study

Date of Study: October 1st, 2016
Countries: US, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, China
Panel: Eary Tech, Mainstream, and Late Adopters

In this study we look at global trends in voice assistant usage exploring specific platforms like Apple’s Siri, Google Voice Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa (in countries Echo/Alexa is available). We look at core behaviors and motivations for voice-based search, preferences to use voice over typing, primary apps used with voice interactions, and when chatbots are more preferred or convenient. We also explored the types of business and commerce industry applications which were most interesting to consumers in specific countries to use a voice-based assistant service and a messaging based chatbot.

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Smartphone Report Q4 2016

Date of Study: September 9th, 2016
Countries: US
Panel: Eary Tech, Mainstream, and Late Adopters

As the smartphone market in the US matures, and new entrants like Google with their Pixel Smartphone look to take share, we update our bi-annual study on the US smartphone market. We study why consumers choose the platforms they do and where their loyalty with brands and platforms lies. We update our data on buying patterns for smartphones, including consumers paying on payment plans or upfront. Given Samsung’s issues with the Note 7 battery we did a deep dive on how this impacted consumer sentiment and intent to purchase Samsung devices in the future. We also looked at consumer awareness and trust around Google’s new hardware release of the Pixel Phone.

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Mobile Payments Study

Date of Study: August 15th, 2016
Countries: US, UK, Australia
Panel: Eary Tech, Mainstream, and Late Adopters

We set out to study US, UK, and Australian consumers usage of services like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. We explored security sentiments around existing forms of payments like credit, debit, and cash and compared that with sentiment for security around mobile contactless payment methods. We explored satisfaction with both the retail experience for mobile payments and the mobile payment services themselves. This study includes a deeper look at motivations and sentiment for reasons consumers are using mobile payments and why they are not using mobile payments. Lastly, we explored the kinds of things retailers can do to incentivize consumers to embrace mobile payments as their primary purchase method.

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Consumer Cloud Services

Date of Study: July 15th, 2016
Countries: US
Panel: Eary Tech, Mainstream, and Late Adopters

As many in the tech industry look to shift to services business models, our consumer cloud services study explores consumer behavior with existing services around cloud storage, streaming music, video, data synchronization and backup, and more. We also explore where consumers are spending and prioritizing their spending when it comes to cloud services.

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State of the Consumer PC

Date of Study: May 25th, 2016
Countries: US
Panel: Eary Tech, Mainstream, and Late Adopters

Our annual state of the consumer report looks at core behaviors consumers are engaging in with their PC, Macs, and tablets. We look to understand how behaviors are changing or shifting around devices like PCs, tablets, and the role the smartphone is playing in changing the consumer relationship with devices like PCs and tablets. We explore brand sentiment around PC brands, intent to purchase PC and tablet, intention to switch from a standard laptop or desktop form factor to a tablet form factor like iPad or Surface Pro, and what is driving consumers intent to buy or not buy a new PC or tablet.

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Virtual Reality Market Opportunity

Date of Study: April 28tth, 2016
Countries: US
Panel: Eary Tech, Mainstream, and Late Adopters

With 2016 being hyped as the year of virtual reality, we wanted to see what consumers understand about virtual reality. We leaned heavily on our early adopter panel so we could glean insights from consumers who own or have tried a VR headset. But we also wanted to know how interested the mainstream part of the market was as well with this new technology. We tested what brands were well known, how people defined or understand virtual reality, what their experience was like if they had tried it and we explored the potential of augmented reality as well with our panelists. Overall, we walked away with a holistic look at the market and came away with some conclusions on where to be optimistic and where to be cautious with regard to the virtual reality market.

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