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Spotting the Trends

By looking at the industry landscape, we keep our clients informed of all the latest market trends with our market intelligence services.

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Strong Team

Our team is a unique blend of industry, technology, and market analysts, as well as strategic and tactical thinking strategists.

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Strategic Planning

As a part of our industry and trend analysis work, we work with clients to develop vision, competitive advantage, and differentiation.

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Rich Industry History

Our Company has a deep and rich history as an analyst firm in Silicon Valley. We are grounded in the past and poised for the future.

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Thought Leadership

We strive for thought leadership in all the markets we cover. We believe it is important to understand companies, markets, and technologies holistically, striving to understand their present and future value.

Creative Strategies, has been immersed in the technology industry since its inception. Our views are grounded in knowledge and experience in the history of the technology industry. We believe it is important to understand the past in order to predict the future.

Both Ben and Tim are recognized as thought leaders in the technology industry. They speak at numerous conferences and technology trade shows. They also are respected columnists for TIME, PC Magazine, and Tech.pinions.

You can read their columns at each site below.

TIME.comBen and Tim contribute to the TIME Techland Big Picture column that appears every Monday.

Tech.pinions.comTim and Ben, along with a number of other key industry voices, started Tech.pinions to be an outlet for thought leaders to share key opinions on the technology landscape.

PC Magazine Tim Bajarin writes a weekly column for PC Magazine that is published every Monday.

Trend Analysis

We at Creative Strategies, Inc have a long history of specializing in understanding the trends impacting the markets we study. Our goal with our trend analysis services is to help companies understand market and technology developments on the horizon.

We provide industry and market trend analysis as a part of our industry analysis services. Our goal is to make sure our clients see everything on the horizon and are not blindsided by new and emerging trends. We specialize on mapping those trends to real world market data in order to filter the trends from temporary market anomalies.

We send out monthly and quarter trend and market insight reports to our clients.

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Strong Team

Our work and our passion resides at the intersection of analysis and strategy, providing the technology industry with thought-leading industry analysis and visionary strategic thinking.

Our team is a unique blend of industry, technology, and market analysts, as well as strategic and tactical thinking strategists. We have been involved in some of the earliest personal computer products as well as many of the most recent technology and product innovations.
Our team works alongside your company as a strategic partner. We leverage our Industry Analysis Services and our Strategy Planning Service to offer our clients fresh vision and strategy all rooted in our informed, leading-edge perspective, and our deep history in the technology industry.

For over 40 years the personal computing and consumer electronics industry has utilized our services to gain vision, analysis, thought leadership and strategic thinking.

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Strategic Planning

As Strategists we help companies innovate and differentiate by continually assessing their capabilities and resources in an effort to strategically help them develop products and experiences that only their company is uniquely positioned to deliver

Our strategic planning services help clients anticipate market needs and develop solutions and experiences that meet customer needs, we call this the forward thinking experience. Our strategic planning work with clients results in the delivery of a product or solution to the market that is competitive, differentiated and never obsolete at the time it is released.

We believe at our core in value and differentiation. We work hard and spend the time to truly understand our clients mission, purpose and values, then, together, we collaboratively create a strategy for differentiation that matches their core purposes. This in turn gives their customers an experience that only their company is uniquely positioned to offer and provides un-parallel value to customers.

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